Campus Rally to Support the Protesters in Wisconsin

The people of Madison and the rest of Wisconsin are not alone in protesting their government. Others are standing up for labor rights all across the Midwest in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana, and showing support from across the nation and beyond. Today, at noon, ralliers met and spoke at the Alma Mater on the University of Illinois campus. They shouted support for the people of Wisconsin and spoke about their own issues in organizing here. The Service Employees International Union, for example, hasn't had a raise in years while the University president got an extra $170,000 and improvements on his residence. 

Join the effort; go to the University YMCA, where groups like the Campus Faculty Association and the Graduate Employee Organization will hold down camp until the bill in Wisconsin gets defeated. Watch movies, come study, host your own events, come and learn. 

Find videos and more here: (I'm sorry, I had html issues and couldn't put the videos here ... yet)

-Tatyana Safronova

Disgusted with Union Busting? Call to Action on March 2nd!


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For the past week we have seen students, workers, faith and community come together and prevent attacks to the public sector across the country. These attacks are threatening the basic structures of our society, including the right to an education and the right to full and fair employment. It is time to take action and demand a stop to the cuts!


Student Labor Action Project, a project between United States Student Association and Jobs with Justice, is calling a national day of action on March 2nd to defend the public sector.


State budget cuts to higher education are being made in states across the country and workers face cuts to pay, healthcare and pensions. Many of the workers on college campuses are caught in the crisis of both attacks to the public sector.


Join us on March 2nd to demand that the attacks on the public sector are stopped immediately. It’s time to:


  • Protect the vital public services our community needs, and the jobs of the people who deliver those services;
  • Ensure that higher education remains affordable and accessible to all;
  • Call for our elected leaders to recognize the emergency and take bold action to create new jobs that will put people back to work, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and invest in higher education; and
  • Support workers seeking a job with justice, a living wage, the right to organize a union, a fair contract and a voice at work.


Never before has USSA, SLAP, and Jobs with Justice all come together for a single call to action.  The vital importance of fighting the pandemic attacks on public education and workers required each to unite with one voice in action. 


Sign up to organize with us on March 2nd we continue building a movement that prioritizes public need over corporate greed.

In solidarity,

Sarita Gupta

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