Black History Month Issue of the Public i out Now!

The February issue of The Public i is out now! There are articles on: Coretta Scott King by Courtney Suzanne Pierre; Chicago artist Margaret Burroughs by Brian Dolinar; the legal battle of Timothy Kendrick; racial microaggressions by UIUC profs; an eBlack update by Noah Lenstra; UC2B by Laura Allured; SOLHOT article by Porshe Garner; and a visit to Guinea by Isak Griffiths.

There is a complete archive of essays from the MLK essay contest on our new web site.

Also, read about the effort to erect a new tower for WRFU, 104.5.


Come and support the WRFU Tower!

Hi, all. We're working hard to get the new taller WRFU tower up and we need your help! The city will start having meetings regarding the tower in March and we want you there to show your support. 


The Historical Preservation Commission will meet on March 2nd at 7pm to look at our proposal. 

The Plan Commission meeting will be on March 10th at 7:30pm.

The City Council meeting will be on March 21st at 7pm.


The dates have changed from before, and if they change again, we will notify everyone. But please, come and fill the seats, whenever the meetings happen, and show your support for community radio!

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