"All That Harms Labor Is Treason To America": Labor Day March Takes Place in Urbana

"All That Harms Labor Is Treason To America" --- Abraham Lincoln

Despite the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, this year's Labor Day March was a spirited affair. Members of the Iron Workers union, the Illinois Education Assocation, IBEW, Campus Faculty Association, and the Graduate Employees Organization joined other local unions for a march through Urbana.

Unemployment in Champaign County is the highest it's been in decades at 9.8%. Yet among many local unions morale is high as there have been successful strikes both with the GEO in November 2009 and more recently in Mahomet where the local chapter of the IEA won a strike.

The Labor Day Parade will conclude with a picnic in Prarie Park at Washington and Lierman in Urbana.

So, Politics Just for the Bosses?

The US has some of the weakest laws of any nation when it comes to protecting the rights of workers. You're delusional if you really believe workers are "the real people running the country." You do note that this is a "perception" so even as you imply that labor somehow inexplicably has power in the face of a political system designed to suppress their rights, you also give away the game that this is merely your "perception" rather than the anti-labor reality that workers face everyday.

In reality, the bosses run this country, run its politics, and dominate nearly all of the media.

When capitalists no longer run this country will be the first time that labor will be "the real people running the country." Why don't you try holding your breath until that happens?

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