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Video: Kersey discusses why he’s opposed to House Bill 1479. It is an education bill that focuses on revamping and privatizing failing schools. The bill is very similar to a nation-wide program proposed by President Obama. In his 2012 Department of Education budget, Obama is looking to allocate $600 million for the project.

I sat down with Indiana State Representative Clyde Kersey last night at Comfort Suites in Urbana to talk about what’s going on in his home state. Of the 40-member Democratic caucus, some 35 representatives are on the run in Urbana, one in Kentucky, two are missing and two were left on the floor of the House of Representatives.

What are the Dems doing in Urbana? They're taking time reviewing the bills that got introduced very late onto House floor, and writing ammendments for those bills. See more videos and coverage on the Big Boom blog.


Video: Kersey discusses what right-to-work bills mean and why the Indiana Democrats oppose it. The statistics he mentions are just some of the numbers floating around in support and in opposition to right-to-work bills. The variety of statistics are all over the place, and show how right-to-work hurts or supports everything from job growth, average pay, unemployment rates and even population growth. Interestingly, the governor of Indiana opposes this bill, believing it takes away attention from his other reform bills, primarily those focusing on education. Furthermore, if the bill passes the House and goes to Senate, says Kersey, it will get stuck (and pretty much die) in a study commission.


the present majority are trying to ram through several anti-people, pro company bills before they do anything about the regular running the government bills. which will add costs on to the average taxpayer. while close to 80% of the population are dancing on the edge of poverty or in poverty.

Where do you cut?

If you don't want the states to cut labor costs,where do you suggest that STATES( not Federal) cut????

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