July 2010

Abolish the US Senate, End the Filibuster

The filibuster alone is good reason to dispense with the US Senate completely.
Article One, Section One of the United states Constitution can and should be changed by an amendment that would effectively abolish the US Senate. History reveals that the process of amending the constitution is quicker than waiting for the Senate to act on the will of the People.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and Illinois' Dick Durbin both support the abolition of the filibuster. This is the strategy I recommend for Senators who wish to keep their jobs. Our world is moving faster, but our Senate is slowed by the frequent use of this ancient artifact.





BTL:U.S. Workers' Stories Illuminate Intensifying Struggle for Dignity

U.S. Workers' Stories Illuminate Intensifying Struggle for Dignity

Interview with Tom Juravich, professor of labor studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, conducted by Scott Harris

As 2010 begins, American workers are confronting some of the hardest times since the Great Depression. With unemployment in double digits, record home foreclosures and bank loans difficult to secure, workers lucky enough to be employed often are forced to get a second and third job just to pay the rent, put food on the table and handle soaring college tuition and health care costs. But U.S. corporate media, by and large, ignore telling the stories of working Americans, their struggles and the sacrifices made.

The Deception of Real-Life 'Inception'

by David Sirota

For all of its "Matrix"-like convolutions and "Alice in Wonderland" allusions, the new film "Inception" adds something significant to the ancient ruminations about reality's authenticity-something profoundly relevant to this epoch of confusion. In the movie's tale of corporate espionage, we are asked to ponder this moment's most disturbing epistemological questions: Namely, how are ideas deposited in people's minds, and how incurable are those ideas when they are wrong?

Many old sci-fi stories, like politics and advertising of the past, subscribed to the "Clockwork Orange" theory that says blatantly propagandistic repetition is the best way to pound concepts into the human brain. But as "Inception's" main character, Cobb, posits, the "most resilient parasite" of all is an idea that individuals are subtly led to think they discovered on their own.

USA POLICE STATE music video

Rocker Scott X and his band expose the oppression and corruption of the U.S. Police State that hang over the head of  every U.S. citizen in the new release LIBERTY WANTED.


Music video LIBERTY WANTED is the second video release from the self-titled album SCOTT X AND THE CONSTITUTION COMMANDOS




What's Sadly Missing in Time's Afghan Cover

by Greg Mitchell

The Time magazine cover story this week arrives with a graphic cover image next to the title, "What Happens If We Leave Afghanistan." It shows an Afghan teen named Aisha whose nose and ears had been sliced off by the Taliban.

Inside, editor Rick Stengel explains that he consulted psychologists about what harm could be done to children who might see this disturbing image. But he also defends the aim of the story itself in the following paragraph:

Groove Duke CD Release Party & Concert

BTL:Seed Banks Challenge Corporate Control of Food Crops

Seed Banks Challenge Corporate Control of Food Crops

Interview with Kevin Greene, founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, conducted by Melinda Tuhus 

Most people don't think much about the significance of seeds, but one speaker at the March 6 conference of the Connecticut chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, or NOFA, maintains that seeds are responsible for the development of civilization itself, because cultivation of food crops enabled humans to evolve from hunter-gatherers to farmers, leading to settled communities and the growth of cities.

White House Pushes for Warrantless Access to Internet Records

Attorney speculates data could include Facebook friend requests

by Muriel Kane

The White House has asked Congress to make it possible for the FBI to demand that Internet service providers turn over customers' records in cases involving terrorism or other intelligence issues without first obtaining a court order.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act currently states that companies are required to provide basic subscriber data to the FBI, but lists only the four kinds of information that might be found on phone bills -- customer's name, address, length of service, and toll billing records.

The Shortwave Report 07/30 Listen Globally!

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